Sunday, August 19, 2018

Amazon Beauty Haul!!! What to Buy? What to Avoid?

I was so excited recently to hit 100 subscribers on my vlog/beauty youtube channel!  I've been enjoying filming and sharing my life there.  Popular are travel, Lipsense videos, and Wish Hauls (I know 100 is not a ton, but it's a big mark for smaller channels, and having to restart last year was tough!)

I've enjoyed doing Wish hauls on my YouTube channel lately, but instead of hit or miss items, I thought I'd share some nice favorites in the beauty category from Amazon.  Additionally, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on decluttering videos which seems counterproductive to just get a ton of cheap wish stuff that I'll need to get rid of lol.  With all that in mind, here are some nice quality items to give you that extra something-something :D

In total there are 5 items, for the full review, check out my video HERE.

One item is a makeup brush set-I had been needing another set since I embarked on my 58 makeovers towards being a Makeup Artist!

Another is a hair remover for a smooth face, I'm a big fan!

There are 3 other items included that I love as well, make sure to check it out!

*Some items provided free or discounted to review and share honest opinion.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

ASMR for Anxiety, Depression?

This is a topic I've been fairly open about in my life on YouTube, but I don't think I've ever shared it here.  I've struggled with anxiety and depression for years, when I look back, for a good portion of my life.

About a year and a half ago, I started having trouble sleeping because of some increased stress in my life.  I turned to a white noise app and ASMR videos on YouTube to help me sleep.  Most nights I still use them.  After some encouragement from a friend, I started my own ASMR channel 5 months ago.  Some videos are whisper themed, or soft-spoken.  Some are no talking at all, but nature sounds like rain, crinkles, tapping, etc.

I'll be having a video up tomorrow featuring these cute little squishies
that I got free or discounted from a company to share.  I've set on a schedule to post every Monday (I mean, that's the most stressful day for many of us right?) so feel free to check it out and let me know what you think, is it helpful for you?!

Check out my ASMR channel HERE.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Decluttering, Meal Planning, LIFE!

Guys and Gals,

It has been a good, long time since I've blogged, sorry about that!  I've got a couple new things in life that I'm excited about recently.  In addition to the millions of hobbies I tend to have (lol!) I have become addicted lately to organizing my life.  #getittogether am I right? 

I've been binge watching (more of listening though) decluttering videos on youtube while tackling my own place.  I've always been a ......packrat....we'll say.  So far, it feels great! 

I've also taken on meal planning to help the budget and waistline.  I look forward to sharing my journey with these on my Youtube channels  Jen's Lemonade Life and Jenn's Creativity Corner!

Part of my clutter is FREE STUFF!  Over the last several years I have been an extreme couponer and a product reviewer.  Getting free or discounted stuff for review.....yeah, hard to part with all the pretties lol.  But some are going, some essentially brand new things included!  1 person only needs so much!  One item that I plan to keep (shameless plug as a product review ;) ) is this little hygiene kit.  Even more useful than I thought, especially for parents with little kids!  Feel free to check it out (and of course my Youtube channels!)

Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas! And an awesome announcement!

Hey folks!  I know it's been a little while since I've faithfully posted.  I appreciate you sticking around.  I've had a lot happen this year and the dust is finally settling, so I'm looking forward to more videos, tutorials, reviews, etc!  So stay tuned!!!!!!

My fun announcement is that let me set up my very own shop with them, pretty cool right!  Here's the link:

What does that mean?

-Am I selling these products? 
No.  I'm not the seller, it's a shop under my name where I put my favorite things!

-Am I being paid by Amazon or the sellers? 
Yes and no.  Amazon pays a small percentage when you buy through my shop.  I ONLY list things that I really like, so it's not just a bunch of junk.  And I genuinely love Amazon's services.  I just get that small finder's fee, you pay nothing more.  I really appreciate your support!  Sellers do not pay me.  Some items that may be listed there I have gotten for free or discounted from sellers before to try.  If I tried it and added it to my shop, you'll know I'm hooked-I DON'T add just anything there!

-Why should you bother going through my custom store?
Because you love me?  And because you want good stuff!  I'm the kind of person that will spend 2 hours looking up reviews for a $15 tea kettle.  No jokes.  I make sure it's good before I get it, and before I add it to the shop.  Also, when I post DIY tutorials, I make it easy to find supplies that I use there :)

So please take a gander and see if there's anything there that catches your eye!  (There's still time to get things shipped before Christmas!)  Not a prime member and want free and fast shipping?  Get a free month trial on me!

Thank you again for your support :)

And here's a little Christmas Cheer Video I made from me to you :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shopping Lately

Here are some finds from amazon:

*Contains affiliate links